To “Ammar” what we do and to have the privilege of making it real is simply magical, but with a sea landscape as background is even more amusing (“amar” is the Portuguese word for “to love”).

The “Ammar” arises from a concept of emotional gastronomy. We wish to awake emotions of happiness, euphoria and comfort. We want you to dare your five senses and enjoy a unique experience.

As a classic and contemporary restaurant, our focus regards the detail and the creative presentation of our dishes, as well as the palates.

Our cocktail menu presents the classics that we all love, and a signature cocktail selection.

It’s all about “Ammar”!

Matilde Amil Silva

Bubble - Private Room

The BUBBLE room is an exclusive room with a capacity for 6 people. A totally private space equipped with an electronic bell for total comfort. This room is an original concept, created and materialized by Peach®.

This room has a rental value of € 45.00, or € 225.00 for consumables.

bubble - sala privada


We have special menus for groups up to 10 people. These menus are ideal for celebrations with family, friends or corporate events.

You can also rent our restaurant to host bigger events. Contact us for further information about the service conditions.


Morada Ammar

Our Adress

Put your five senses to the test and enjoy a one-time experience

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Call us now, book your table and choose one of our rooms

  • t: 229 958 241 (Call to the Portuguese fixed network)
  • m: 964 371 729 (Call to the Portuguese mobile network)


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We’re a classic and contemporary restaurant that focus on the detail and the creative presentation of our dishes, as well as the palates.

Opening Times

Wednesday to Friday: 19:00-00:00
Saturday: 12:30 pm-3:30 pm / 7:00 pm-00:00 am
Sunday: 12:30 pm - 3:30 pm
(Monday and Tuesday - closed)


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